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We often hear hair on wigs that is dry, knotted, or even unmanageable. In line with the principle of customer first, we will first ask them to send the product back to help customers find the problem. There are basically two reasons:



  1. Customers will dye and iron the products themselves.resulting in damage due to excessive treatment.
  2. Users never take care of wigs.

In response to the second reason, I would like to say that our human hair needs care, not to mention a wig. It's out of the body, it has no nourishment, and if you don't take care of it,  it certainly will be dry and rough.

I summarize a few hairpiece nursing small skill for everybody below.

  1. When we do not wear it, we should put it in a bag to avoid dirt and dust.
  2. Regular cleaning.

Steps to wash your wig:

First Step:Comb the wig well(Notice:Use a hair-specific comb, especially not a plastic one)


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 Second Step :Soak the wig in warm water for six minutes.(Notice:The water temperature should not exceed 25 degrees, which may cause hair damage)

  Third Step : Add appropriate amount of wig washing solution in water, and clean it by hand pressing.(Notice:Do not rub with your hands as this can cause tangles or hair straggling inside the wig)


brilliantwigs wigs care human hair toppers wigs toupees2

Fourth Step :Replace the water after cleaning, add hair conditioner to the water, soak the wig for 10 minutes, and clean it with water again


 Fifth Step :Wrap the wig in a soft towel and press gently.(Notice:Do not twist by hand or machine)

  Sixth Step: Leave to dry to 90% in a well-ventilated dark place and then comb.

Hope you can learn something from this article and love our partner together.

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