About Toppers Wigs and Toupee' material:Human Hair Synthetic Hair and Animal Hair

Hair is the most important raw material in hair products and the part with the highest cost, especially human hair material.Hair raw material is divided into human hair, animal hair and synthetic hair.

Human hair

As the name suggests, human hair comes from human. Because the human hair collected from real humans and made by them surpass other raw materials in terms of appearance, feel, fit, service life and care methods. They are the most suitable natural wig raw materials. However, due to the long production cycle and difficult collection of human hair, the price is also the rarest and most expensive of the three raw materials. Human hair can be divided into three types according to quality: virgin hair, remy hair, non-remy hair, among which virgin hair is the most scarce and expensive, and it is also the hair with the best quality. Most of the hair products provided by Brilliantwigs are made of hair recognition raw materials, so the quality is very high.

brilliantwigs vrigin remy human hair for toppers wigs toupees

Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is an imitation human hair raw material processed from chemical fiber raw materials. The advantages of synthetic hair are bright color, easy setting, lasting setting effect, easy coloring, etc. the price is the cheapest of the three, because the source of raw materials is easy and the processing technology is mature, and the output is also the largest. The disadvantages are poor hand feel, low fidelity, easy knotting, poor air permeability, easy to stimulate the scalp, etc.

brilliantwigs synthetic hair for toppers wigs toupees

Animal hair

Animal hair is the hair of automatic objects, such as wool, cow hair and horse hair. Animal hair is characterized by hard texture, fluffy and rough hand feel. The price is generally between human hair and chemical fiber hair.

brilliantwigs animal hair for toppers wigs toupees


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