What are the differences between Highlights and lowlights?

Hair highlights are small strands of hair from the head crown to the end having a different colors than the full hair. It is a very common for hair style change and it has been very popular among women from long time ago. A lot of film starts and models sported the highlights, this made women go crazy for them.

Hair highlights are a easier process to do than a complete color change. You can color small strands of your hair to lighter color to make it stand out, and the rest of your hair is still natural. You can get some highlights if you are someone who wants some change in the hair, but don’t go all out and change the full color of your hair.

what are diffences from highlights and lowlights brilliantwigs

When the small strands hair color is lighter than the base hair color, we call it a highlight. Hair lowlights are strands of hair that are darker than the base hair color. Hair lowlights are more popular among the blonde women because the darker color is more noticeable over the light base color. Hair lowlights will most commonly be used to add dark tone to your hair color. It can be done on medium to dark color hair, but the result can be much diffused and almost look the same. Hair lowlights are not a good choice for dark hair colors because the color will not show up from the dark base, and it will look not much different from your natural hair.

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