How to choose a wig or hair topper(part 1)

The first part starts with the product itself, There are basically three points:

  1. Hair raw materials: Synthetic Hair and human hair. Synthetic Hair products are not resistant to high temperature and cannot be dyed and permed, the quality of the products is very low by Synthetic Hair. This paper focuses on human hair.

    According to the quality, human hair is generally divided into virgin hair and remy hair. Virgin hair of natural black color is the real hair with the best quality, which can be changed into any color and hairstyle you want through professional processing. For example, from natural black color to #613 color, and then use #613 color to dye it into other color whatever you want. In this process, only high-quality virgin hair can withstand the process of hot dyeing.


    The quality of remy hair is lower than virgin hair, and the relative price is relatively cheap, but the service life and plasticity are not as good as virgin hair, so more energy needs to be invested in maintain and treatment.


    According to countries, it can be divided into Chinese hair, European hair, Indian hair and so on. Brilliantwigs use Chinese virgin hair, the best quality human hair. The appearance is the most realistic and the service life is the longest.

    brilliantwigs how to choose a wig or hair topper extensions

    1. Base material:


    Silk top base, MONO base, Lace base, Pu base. The specific introduction of different bases can be seen here .

     What I want to focus on is that the materials at the base must be real materials, strong and durable and very comfortable to wear. The matching of different bases can bring you the desired wearing effect and feeling. Because the base is in direct contact with your skin, the comfort of wearing is very important. Similarly, the appearance should not be too exaggerated or false, which requires me to say the third point: the hand tied technology is very excellent.

    brilliantwigs how to choose a wig or hair topper base


    1. Hand Tied Technology:


    The Hair Tied Technology is divided into hand tied and machine tied. This article mainly explains the hand Tied Technology.


    There are many ways to hand tied, such as single knot, double knot and so on. No matter what the hair tied technology ways, Hand tied technology is always the key to wigs or hair toppers quality. Even if the same style, each wig made by hand tied will give you the different feeling. A good hand tied worker will master this technology and give this product with a unique soul while the product completed. They will have strict and flexible requirements for each hand tied space. The number and direction of hair in each hand tied space and the distance between spaces need to be accumulated by workers through years of experience. The details of each hand tied space will be directly fed back to the product. As long as you pull back the hair and carefully check the hair root, you can see these details, which will affect the appearance and service life of the whole product.

     brilliantwigs how to choose a wig or hair topper hand tied

    The above three points start from the product itself. These three points will also affect each other, compare and select the most suitable conditions for you, and combine them into the product you want most. Brilliantwigs company attaches great importance to the quality of the product itself. Before placing an order, you can consult the staff to choose the product you like and place an order with confidence.

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