4x4"silk top,medical silicone,lace front cap, full lace wigs for women

silk top medical silicone lace front cap full lace wigs for women stucture diagram

There is a silk top part distributed on the top of the head which perfectly hide the knots and no need to worry about any other techniques to make the knots invisible.
Coupled with the seamless lace front combination allows you to play and sweep the hair in any direction or position you wish.In order to achieve the natural scalp wear comfortable effect.

There is silicone inside the wig to add extra grip and security and they are custom made to your exact head size so they are a nice snug fit! You can glue this wig down onto the lace or silicone strips, it's really great for daily or weekly wear. 


The silicone material is placed on the top, sides and bottom of the wig cap that allows it to fit snugly without any extra help from clips or combs.This significantly improves the wig hold, giving added security to the wearer and making it suitable for an active lifestyle.

Medical-grade silicone is non-toxic and hypoallergenic and therefore ideal even for the most sensitive skin types.


It is a great option for someone who is suffering from total or very near total hair loss.It clings to the head and provides a very secure and comfortable fit that requires no glues or tapes to attach.
All of these features make this cap ideal for women undergoing chemotherapy or any other medical treatments.

silk top medical silicone lace front cap full lace wigs for women model

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