What is Mono topper ?

What is Mono topper ?

Today, wearers use hair extensions, mono toppers other hair pieces to extend existing hair and change the appearance. Even hair extensions are used to hide thinning hair and bald spots.

Many celebrities also wear hair toppers to change their hairstyles. You can easily see their hair yesterday was short black hair while today is long blonde hair. This is due to the outstanding benefits of the toppers, wigs or extensions.

More and more people are young but bald, so the use of mono topper has become quite common. As one of the most trusted hair vendor, we Brilliantwigs will offer you amazing high quality mono topper.

The human hair mono topper is excellent as it is ventilated and seamless. In addition, a well-ventilated mono mesh base can flexibly fit the out look as natural as possible. Unlike the other bases, Mono base are undetectable.

The purpose of wearing a topper or wig is to cover up hair loss, so the match of the wig or toppers with your own hair is important. Therefore, regardless of your hairstyle, you can always find the right wig in our company. We are sure that they will work perfectly with your existing hair.

mono base

What Is mono?

The hair toppers have different bases, such as lace, skin, mono, and PU. Because mono base is one of the most popular basic materials, we fully recommend it.

You can be satisfied with our mono human hair topper as its durability and will not disappoint you. A mono base is more durable than a lace base.

The mono topper is completely imperceptible, with 100% natural human hair, and brings a realistic front hairline. Therefore, it is difficult to realize if you are wearing a topper.

We always try to create a natural hairline with clips. We can customize toppers to any basic size, hair color, density, and length.

Why You Should Choose A mono Base Hair Topper?

Some wigs and toppers wearers prefer a durable rather than an imperceptible appearance. For such customers, the mono base is the perfect choice. This is a good choice for the high-density systems.


This mono topper is stiffer and tighter than the lace base, and holds its shape very well. The strength of this wig means that it can have a heavy density ranging from 50% to 180%. If you like thick hair, please choose it


Individual hair will tied to the mono mesh material that allow the air to go through. It allows you to change part as you like to get excellent style to look natural.

Furthermore, the mono can mimic the appearance of natural hair growth, and provide hair parting to achieve the maximum full functionality of the styling.


The hair topper mono top is soft and very comfortable to wear, hence,  it will not irritate your head. It can be the best choice for girls with a sensitive scalp.

Easy To Use

This mono is one of the most common clips on hair toppers in our Company. All clips can place in a rational way around your head helping flat your hair toppers securely. Therefore, you can feel comfortable to sleep, shower, even swim with the hairpiece.

Disadvantages Of Mono Base 

mono is comfortable but bears in mind that it is not breathable like lace base. So it could make you sweat in the hot summer.

You can find further information about mono integrated human hair women’s topper on the Internet to have the best product for your hair.

Ventilation Technique On A Mono Hair Topper

Mono toppers is very popular as ventilation technology allows different directions to be separated without worrying about visible knots. It can provide the most real scalp.

Using hand-knot ventilation techniques, skilled worker will spend hours manually attaching single strands of hair fiber to the mono base. Based on the manufacturer's experience, the process may take up to 3 days to complete.


The benefit of this technique is that it provides the most natural hair movement, giving you the freedom to design your hair. With no seams and weft, the hand-tied single-layer top is very soft and lightweight, keeping your head clean and ventilated throughout the day.


Mono Base Human Hair Topper From Brilliantwigs

Brilliantwigs is proud to be one of the most reliable hair vendors in China, specializing in human and mono toppers.

You don't have to worry about wig quality and lifespan, as we guarantee that all of our wigs are made from 100% human hair collected from healthy donors. That is why you can't find any synthetic hair in our company.

Except the mono topper, we have a variety of hair accessories and products to meet your various needs.

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