What Is Fishnet Topper

What Is Fishnet Topper

Many women nowadays wear fishnet hair system for thinning hair to add body and volume to your locks. Pull thru wiglets are designed to combine and beautify your hair look. They are integrated flawlessly with your natural locks, offering a natural look.  

Today Brilliantwigs is going to share with you what this hair system is, how it can benefit you, and how you can install the hair onto your head. Check it OUT!

What are fishnet system for thinning hair?

The hairpiece is designed to cover a part of your scalp. We mean that pull-through wiglets can conceal a part of hair loss on your head, such as on the crown. There is no exact size for all wearers; hence, they are available in different sizes and styles. Often, pull through wiglets come with clips that are attached to your natural hair to avoid sliding off. The hair has small holes that allow you to crochet your hair strands to achieve a perfect look. It works to create and add more body and volume to your thinning hair. We believe that it will transform your look in seconds, and you can wear it at different events, in a prom, wedding, or night party. 

 what is fishnet topper

Moreover, it is convenient to wear in a ponytail or throw up a bun. Your new look will surprise your friends and admirers. It draws many compliments from others who don’t realize it is not your actual hair.

How to pull hair through a fishnet hair topper

Before wearing the hairpiece, you have to determine your hair affected area and the type of hair you choose. Once you are clear about these two factors, you can start the installation. 

Here we are going to present you step by step on how to put on a pull-through hairpiece. No matter how the texture and color of your hair system is, we will help you to have amazing hair. 

Step 1

As we said, fishnet topper always come with clips; hence, you have to open all clips on the hair. These clips are pressure-sensitive, so they will not damage your natural locks and scalp, too.  

Step 2

Decide where you attach the clips. Make sure that your hair is free-tangle before applying the topper. 

Step 3

Place and adjust the hairpiece so that it disguises all your hair affected area.

Step 4

Secure all clips, start with the front clips, then the rest of the clips ( on the sides and back).

Step 5

Make sure that the hairpiece stays in the right place on your head. Then take a small crochet needle, simply go into the hole on your hairpiece and pull your natural hair strands out. 

Step 6

Keep doing it until you have all holes with natural locks. Now, you can style your hair system. Hold the hair, gently brush, and create the part. 

We recommend you choose human hair pull through wiglets as they are versatile and mimic well with your natural hair. For example, a human hairpiece with a silk based top is a good option if you want to get an amazing part. Also, your pull through hair topper will not fall off when wearing as it is crocheted to your curls. 

You should choose the color of the hair that resembles your natural hair hue. This helps you have a seamless hair look. 

How to care for fishnet toppers?

Invest in good hair care products to maintain your hairpiece. Please treat it as you do with your existing hair if you want to expand its lifetime and reuse it many times. Purchase shampoos and conditioners that are produced for hair replacement systems. Don’t use products with alcohol-based or containing harsh chemicals as they will dry and ruin the hair quickly. 


Next, avoid using thermal tools on the hair. It would be better if you let the hair dry after washing. Style the hairpiece when it’s indispensable, and you use the lowest heat setting only.

Protect your hair when sleeping is vital. You should remove the hair at the end of the day and store it, avoid sleeping with it. Because when sleeping, you cannot control your movements, increasing friction to the hair. This may be a reason for hair shedding and breakage. Or you can sleep with a silk pillowcase to protect the hair.

Good-quality pull through hair pieces from brilliantwigs.

You are craving this hairpiece as it is simple to attach and provides hair fullness. Visit Brilliantwigs if you want to add more body and volume to your own hair. We have a wide range of hair products that are designed to meet all customers’ demands. Our fishnet toppers are made of real hair strands that are durable and flexible for styling. Also, they are easy to manage. 

We guarantee that our hair items will not let you down. They are created for all beauties who are seeking the finest pieces of stuff available. With many years of research and experience, we know that hair quality and price are magnets attracting customers across the world. We use excellent hair types and constructions to give wearers the most comfortable feeling and natural hair look. As a leading hair vendor in this business, we deliver exceptional hair quality in a particular selection of styles, including pull through wig topper. The hand-tied hair pieces provide the most natural hair look as well as versatile appearance. 

You truly want to get the ultimate in comfort, opt for our pull-through wiglets. We will customize the hair according to your requirements. Our skilled craftsmen will create natural and undetectable hairpieces for your own. Once you choose us, no one can see or detect your secret. Because our hair gives a soft feel and touch that looks like real natural hair. 


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