Silk Top Wefted Back Hair Topper

Silk Top Wefted Back Hair Topper

Today, I would like to introduce the popular inventory product to you. Although it is not a new product, it has always ranked first in our sales volume by virtue of its own advantages. At present, no matter customized products or inventory products, this product ranks the first in sales.This is ---- silk top wefted back topper. The silk top is full hand tied , the wefts is by machine.



First of all, we  introduce the parts of the population, it is made of silk combination part and wefts, believe everybody knows silk due to its production process is complicated, so the price will be higher, in order to reduce costs, we has carried on the combination of the two part, greatly reduce the product price, and retain the most natural hairline.

Silk top wefted back topper








The bottom of this kind of net looks very real and natural, use bottom of 3 nets, the bottom one enclothe Juan net or bud silk net to wait, node is in the middle one, wear comfortable, but because bottom of 3 nets has a few thick,it can't see the nodes. summer may be hot.

Look this parting of the hair is very natural ,No different than a real scalp.Perhaps this realistic visual effect is one reason why everyone likes Silk so much.

 Silk top wefted back topper



Now we have 2 size of this topper in stock.

1.Topper size:6’’ *6.5’’ , the silk size is 3.24’’*4.25’’

2.Topper size:8’’ *8’’ , the silk size is 4’’ *4’’


Currently, there are only these two sizes in stock. If you need other sizes, we can customize them according to the actual needs of customers. Article read here you moved? Take action to make yourself more beautiful!

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