Select And Care For Your Wig

Select And Care For Your Wig

If you’re losing your hair, wigs can be an easy and affordable way to take control of your appearance. In this blog, Brilliantwigs teach you how to select and care for your wig.


Here’s What You Attention:

~ Wig hair

~ Wig cap

~ Wig shampoo and conditioner

 Select And Care For Your Wig

Step 1: What to look for in a wig

Finding the right wig can be tough, especially if you’re trying to replicate your natural look. It’s a good idea to begin shopping for your wig before you start hair lossing, so that a stylist can help you match your own color and texture. You also may want to take photos of your current hairstyle, and keep a swatch of your hair from the top of your head as a sample. You probably won’t need your wig for more than a year, so look for the nicest wig you can find, but don’t worry about it lasting forever. You may want to buy a wig with extra length so that you can trim and shape it as you like. Take your new wig to a hairdresser to shape it.


Step 2: Caring for your wig

You may occasionally want to take time off from your wig—both to keep it looking its best and to give your scalp a breather. In general, try washing every 10 to 15 uses, but be careful to use the appropriate products and techniques. Gently brush your wig, then immerse for one minute in cold water with shampoo (gently “swirling” throughout the mixture). Repeat with conditioner and rinse and blot the wig afterward on a towel, allowing it to air dry. Avoid rubbing, teasing or scrubbing your wig (or brushing it when wet), as you may damage the hair completely.


Step 3: Styling your wig

When the wig is dry, brush according to your hairstyle. Use short strokes for waves and curls, and long strokes for smooth styles. If you’ve purchased a natural hair wig, you can use heated styling tools, such as a curling iron, to change the look. However, do not use any heat on a synthetic wig, as you will burn and damage the wig. (And keep away from open ovens, too!) That is why the human hair wig is more expensive than synthetic wig.



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