How to comb the wig?

How to comb the wig?

How to keep your wig looks fresh and new is very important for the wig wearer. Since the wig fibers do not have the source of natural oils to keep them healthy and shinning, the process of care is different from the natural hair. One of the most important things is know how to comb the wig. The following are some tips to comb the wig.

First : A gentle touch

The soft touch will be always the fist step when you want to do anything to your wig or toppers, wash, comb, style, store, take your time, and treat it gently. Any destroyed or pull out of the hair will alters your wig, so make sure keep things as gentle as possible is important to extend the life of your wigs or toppers.

Comb your wig way up.

May be you like to run that comb straight from the top to tip like the bio hair, but that may cause the fibers to stretch and break, especially if the fibers are in tangle. Instead, beginning from the tips to way up, section by section, up to the root of the hair.

 How to comb the wig?

Comb on the day you wear the wig.

A daily comb out of the fibers is important to avoid sightly tangles of the hair. Also you would be better to pay more attention to areas of friction area like the nape of the neck where tangles most possible occur.

Prepare the detangler.

It is better to comb out your wig when it is dry, but a little spray of wig detangler can add a helpful amount of slipperiness when working through the strands, especially if they have begun to tangle. Apply it lightly to each area as you work your way through the wig, and then allow it to air dry. Detangling spray can also deliver moisture to the strands and remove the statics.

 How to comb the wig?

Follow the above steps you can be sure your wig will have a long life and look great .

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