Why Choose Hand Tied Wigs

Why Choose Hand Tied Wigs

Hand tied wig means better quality and more realistic appearance, because each individual hair is lovingly tied by hand onto a soft mesh cap, making the hair freedom to move, this freedom also allows multi-directional styling options so we can switch up our hair style follow our heart. As the same time this labour-intensive process produces an appearance of all-over natural hair growth, even up close.


As a wig wearer, the most beneficial feature that you will notice is the supreme comfort level and the most comfortable wear feeling. There are no seams or wefts in the construction of the hand tied wigs, so it will be ultra-soft, and incredibly upscale.


If you are choosing a wig due to complete hair loss, we would advise you to consider hand tied wigs as they are so suited to you. The softness against your skin will ensure that you feel comfortable all day, every day.

 Why Choose Hand Tied Wigs

The advantage of hand tied wig is that it is not the same as mechanical wig production. Every wig produced by hand tied is unique, which means that every hand tied wig has its own unique soul.

Wigs made by warm hands have more humanistic care than those produced by cold machines, and are more in line with human needs.


Brilliantwigs as a professional wig factory, we have many experienced hand tied worker. Not only we have a large the best quality virgin human hair wig in stock, but also the custom order accepted as well. Our stock product can ship out immediately within 12 hours, and our design and production team can meet customization requirements.

Welcome contact me, brilliantwigs always here.

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