What happens when you sleep in a wig?

What happens when you sleep in a wig?

    Can a wig be worn to sleep? What are the precautions for wearing a wig to sleep?


Although many peers will say that you can wear a wig to sleep, take a bath or swim, but experience tells me not to believe their words, because it’s not comprehensive. What they say is OK is only from the point of view of the firmness of wigs, that is to say, if you wear a wig to do these things, the wig will definitely not fall off, that’s true. The reason why I do not recommend sleeping with a wig is mainly based on two points, the service life of the wig and the wearer's personal physiological experience.

 What happens when you sleep in a wig?

1, service life

A, hair knotting, the head will move back and forth when sleeping, and the hair will be naturally knotted. Combing with a comb the next day will easily break the tangled hair and lose a lot of hair, so the wig will become bald, and the service life is greatly reduced.


B, The scalp environment affects the hair roots. Hair loss people generally have more serious oily scalp, In addition, the scalp with a wig can not breathable, as a result, the scalp is in a humid, greasy and stuffy environment for a long time. and the hair roots are easily corroded. Therefore, if you gently tug the wig hair with your hand , the hair breaks at the root very easily.

 What happens when you sleep in a wig?

2, personal physiology

A, Sleep quality, wearing a wig to sleep, the scalp can not be relaxed, the scalp is in a tense state, which will affect the quality of sleep.


B, Itchy scalp, due to the poor air permeability of wigs, especially in summer, it is easy to cause sweating on the head, increased oil production from the scalp, and the scalp inability to breathe, it is easy to cause eczema on the scalp, and then the symptoms of itchy scalp, and even further hair loss.

C, Spend more time on wig styling, sleeping with a wig on, the hair is very easy to get knotted, and it is easy to mess up the styling. The next day you not only takes time to manage the knotted hair, but the styling is not as good as before.


For the above two reasons, there are the following countermeasures:


A, Choose a wig with better air permeability, like a mesh bottom.

B, If conditions permit, it is recommended to wash your hair every day to maintain a healthy scalp environment, take off the wig and wash less or not.

C, Even if it is very inconvenient to take off the wig, when you washing, wash the scalp with water and wipe the bottom of the net with disinfectant wipes.

There is no harm in wearing a wig normally, but wearing it for a long time will affect the health of the scalp and the life of the wig, so take off the wig before going to bed every day to increase the use time of the wig and your own comfort.

What happens when you sleep in a wig?

    Alright, that's all I have to share, thanks!

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