How to Buy a Wig

How to Buy a Wig

After finish reading this article you will find it is easy to know how to buy a wig online. If you had the problem to lose hair because of cancer, alopecia, chemotherapy treatments or other medical reasons, or maybe you just want a new look, this buying guide will help you how to choose the wig for you. 


First, head size.

To buy a wig is like you buy a cloth or a trousers. Somebody is thin and tall, you should need the proper size clothes to fit. It is the same for the wig buying.Somebody have large head but somebody is small. So we need exact size to fit the head.


There are some measures very important for the wig.


-Forehead to nape of neck

- ear to ear over forehead

- ear to ear over top

- temple to temple round back


 how to buy a wig

 After you get those measurements it will be good to find the proper wig.


Second hair type


There are human hair, synthetic hair can be chosen. Human hair is more real and natural like your own hair. But very expensive. Synthetic hair wig is not much cost but the synthetic fiber will be destroyed by the iron, so maybe not easy to do style for the synthetic wigs. And synthetic wigs life span is about 3-6 months.


We usually suggest human hair wig, you can do style or perm. It will be like your own hair.


Third Cap type

There are many kinds wig cap.

Full lace wig cap.

Mono top wig cap

Silk top cap

Lace front cap



Fourth hair length


after you have decided on your size, hair type and cap type,then you need to see the hair style, there are shortmedium length and long hairstyles. if you have long hair before the hair loss, it is suggest to go a bit shorter. A short wig will be easier to take care, and less transition once your hair begins to grow back.

If you want to match your own hair, you can measure your own hair lengths before you lose your hair can help to make your selections.


Fifth hair color match

There are more than 30 colors you can choose for a wig also there are so many combination. You can choose mix color, piano color and ombre color.

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