How To Care For A Toupee

1.Brush the hair toupee

how to care for a toupee brush the hair toupee brilliantwigsUse a suitable comb and gently brush, without pressing it on the scalp. Start working at the tip of your toupee, then go to the root. You can use your fingers too, but don’t pull hard your hair as it will damage the base and cause hair shedding.







2.Clean the hair toupee


When you put off your hair toupee:

- Brush the hair gently before to care for a toupee brush the hair toupee brilliantwigs 2

 - Use cold or lukewarm water, and only use a sulfate-free shampoo to clean the toupee. Use your hand to wash it from top to bottom, but don’t rub the hair.

- Be gently when cleaning the toupee to prevent it from tearing apart.


- Please use a high-quality conditioner that has natural components(such as olive oil, coconut oil, and so on.) to take care of your hair.

- After washing your toupee, add conditioner to the hair. Once you have done this, leave it some minutes. Then rinse the conditioner out with clean water.


- Use a dry towel to sop the excessive water up.

- Never twist the hair as it can cause tangle or break.


- Air dry hair. Keep the toupee air dry on a stand or a mannequin head. Remember to avoid the direct sunlight.

- Please do not brush your hair when it is still wet.


You can take showers while putting the toupee on. In that case, please do not rub the toupee hair with the towel as we do with our natural hair, please keep pressing the towel gently.


The toupee is not needed to taken off and wash daily, but need to keep it dirt-free.

 3.Avoid using extreme heating tools


When you use a hairdryer to dry your toupee, be sure to keep the tool on a low or medium setting and distance it away in order to avoid damage your toupee.

Be careful to keep the hair toupee stays far away from hot temperatures and heating tools.

4.Avoid too much heat


how to care for a toupee brush the hair toupee brilliantwigs 3Hairdryers, straighteners, and curling machines are allowed to be used, but they indeed cause damaged hair if you use it regularly. Although the toupee is made with real human hair, it needs to be taken care, and keep moisturized.

Overuse of the heat styling tools will make the hair dry and easy to split.

In addition, before styling your toupees, using hair protection sprays is recommended. It will protect the hair from harmful effects.




5.Sleep with a toupee


It’s advisable to remove the toupee before sleeping. Or cover the hair with a scarf when you sleep with the toupee. It can protect your hair from tangling. (It is not necessary for short hair). You can also use a satin pillowcase, it is good for your toupee.

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