Choosing the Perfect Hair Topper: A Guide to Understanding Different Base Types

Choosing the Perfect Hair Topper: A Guide to Understanding Different Base Types

For the first-time buyers, being familiar with the different types of hair topper bases can help you choose the ideal hair topper. We have different types of bases in our hair cap range. Each basic type has different advantages and disadvantages.

1.Silk base

 The silk top base is made of a layer of lace in the middle and a layer of tulle on top to imitate the scalp, but the bottom layer to touch the scalp can have different choices like lace, flower mesh, diamond mesh, tulle and also cotton fabric. The silk substrate has the most realistic scalp appearance that makes this silk base most popular. The silk substrate will perfectly hide the knot, and you do not need to worry about any other technique making the knot invisible or less visible because the knot is hidden under the top tulle layer.


Advantages of a silk base


Reality: The top of the silky hair looks like your own scalp. The Silk base is the most realistic top base in the market today. With the silk base, you don't need to disguise knots when you separate your top!


Style diversity: The silk base offers a variety of styling options, and you can separate the silk top in any direction.


The disadvantages of the silk base


Lay flat is difficult: because the silk bottom has 3 layers, the hair is not easy to spread on the head. The silk base may also encounter a slight expansion in the crown. Thus, silk bases usually require some extra work to flatten out compared to other bases.


Breathability: Due to its unique layered structure, the silk bottom may lack air permeability compared to lace and mono base. Silk bases may also be worn slightly hotter in summer than the other two.


 Silk base

2. Mono basis

Using a Mono base, tie a single hair to a fine mesh material that allows light and air to pass through. The mono base allows you to change parts to your preferences to make you look more natural. The mono base is also very durable and with a very long lifespan.

The advantages of a Mono base   

Comfort: The mono base is soft and comfortable, and it does not stimulate the head. It is a good choice for women who have a sensitive scalp due to chemotherapy treatment or other skin problems.


Realistic: The Mono base can imitate the appearance of natural hair growth, and provide free and movable hair typing for easy styling.

The disadvantages of the mono base.

Breathability: Mono base is smooth and comfortable, but less breathable than lace, which is more woven tightly than lace.


 Mono base


3. Lace base


The lace base is made of lace, with a single hair tied to the base, and this is a good choice if you want to make sure that the front hairline simulates your own hairline. Lace base is very light and breathable, perfect for hot weather!



The Advantages of a Lace Base


Nature: A full-lace top and a top with a lace front are the only basic types that perfectly imitate the look of a natural hairline.


Breathability: from different bases, the lace base is considered the most breathable because the lace material is evenly spaced apart and has large holes.


The disadvantages of the lace base


Visible knot: The hair bundle is individually tied up to a transparent lace base, forming a knot at the base that can be seen around the hair dividing line. However, the knot is less noticeable when the top is bleached or the top is light.


 Lace base

4.Thin PUbase

Thin PU base is made of a mixture of different compounds and polyethylene, a mixture of plastic and silicon, which is easier to use.

The thin PU base usually only needs to inject the hair, and it is very firm, and can last for up to four months after proper maintenance.


The biggest advantage of thin PU base topper is light and natural, because of their similarity to the skin, even use the hand to touch will not be found that you are wearing a man's hair block this fact, the effect is really very realistic


However, because the thin PU base is very delicate, so the network bottom will be very thin, and very fragile, and need to be carefully and skillfully handled, otherwise they will be easily torn or worn crooked


And because of its impermeability, people are often complained about it, especially in hot or humid climates, where they are very difficult to wear.

 PU base

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