Silicone Medical Wig

Silicone Medical Wig

Affected by the environment, now some people may be troubled by the problem of hair loss, especially women in the face of increasingly scarce hair, affect the image, become not confident or even lose confidence in life.Some cancer patients have lost their hair because of the disease. When choosing a wig, they are often confused by the wide variety of wigs available.



silicone medical wigToday, I recommend a Silk Top Silicone medical wig (also called silk Top Silicone full lace wig). Compared with our ordinary wigs, it does not need to be glued. Because the presence of silica gel can increase friction, is a wig after wearing more solid, not easy to fall off.








Silicone medical wigBecause of the addition of a needle transfer area on the top of the head, the hair parting looks very realistic, which makes it a real scalp effect. The bottom of this kind of net looks very real and natural, use bottom of 3 nets, the bottom one enclothe Juan net or bud silk net to wait, node is in the middle one, wear comfortable,It is very real and natural to wear, and you can't tell it is a wig at all.But the addition of the silk part (The process is complex and time-consuming) will also make the price relatively more expensive.





Silicone medical wigAs can be seen from this picture, silica gel is evenly distributed, which will not lead to air permeability in a large area and will not easily slip because only applied locally










This silicone medical wig is one of our most popular products. If you need it, you can buy one for yourself. It will bring you beauty and confidence. With a smile to greet the future of each day.

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