Lace, mono, or silk topper?

Lace, mono, or silk topper?

The wearing of toppers has a long history, in recent years, with the development of the topper market, there are many kinds of toppers, among which the most common is lace, mono and silk topper, making it hard to choose one that suitable for you. As a result, in this series, I will cover the base of topper, from lace, mono filament and silk tops.

  1. Lace construction: Ultra comfortable & Highly breathable

Firstly, I’ll start with lace cap construction. Our most traditional wig is designed to be comfortable and highly breathable. As we all know that the lace construction just has a very single layer, so it’s highly breathable and comfortable. Besides, this topper provides a very natural part, that is easy to manage and flip whenever the situation calls. If you look closely at the intricate details, you can see how the lace locks in every strand of hair in uniformed elegance. The finished lace topper will give you all day comfort and confidence.


  1. Mono filament construction: Natural looking & Transparent skin tone base.

Secondly, let’s look at the mono filament. Mono material is a kind of mild material, if your scalp is sensitive, you can’t miss it. Mono material is very close to the color of scalp, so it’s very natural looking when you worn it. Besides, no matter where you part your hair, it looks like the hair is coming out of your own hair scalp. Mono topper has the appearance of a scalp and a hairline, so it can be easily styled while maintaining the appearance of a natural head of hair.

  1. Silk construction: Lifelike skin tone & Exquisite craftsmanship

Lastly, the silk topper. As a luxurious type, silktops offer a true to lifelike skin tone scalp, while maintaining all the benefits of lace and mono construction. The silk topper has three layers. Knotted the hair on the middle hairnet, and then attach a layer of net which close to the scalp to hook and pass the hair throught this hairnet. By this way, each single hair is carefully knotted to create a full natural body from root to tip, making it difficult to distinguish from your own hair. Due to its complex process, the silk topper has the highest price, but its cost performance is also very high. The nature of the three-layer makes the scalp not directly contact the hair root, reducing the abrasion of the hair root, thus increasing the service life.


Above is the most common wig base types, come on and choose the best one for you.

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