How to cut off the fringe of a wig

How to cut off the fringe of a wig

There are many reasons you want cut the fringe of your wig. The hair may have sneaked into your eyes many times. Maybe you have seen a new style or maybe the wig will be worn directly on the head after unpacking and needs to be shortened slightly. Or you just need to change, and you need it now. 

No matter what the reason, the steps of cutting fringe into wigs or adjusting existing fringe are easy to follow, and you will have a new look soon !

 How to cut off the fringe of a wigHow to cut off the fringe of a wig






Simple tools and simple preparations will prepare you for success.

Collect your tools: a small pair of sharp scissors, a mirror of the right length or size, several clips and wig comb.

 How to cut off the fringe of a wig

Fix the wig on your head as usual, taking care to make sure it is straight and properly aligned from side to side, directly on the hairline.


Separate the necessary parts for your fringe. Depending on the look you're looking for - you may want thick fringe or thin fringe - start at the minimum and go back.


Simply clip your fringe together and let you gather all the rest of your hair into a ponytail or clip so that it doesn't appear in your cutting area.




Here comes the fun! Remember to take your time - 1 / 8 inch or 1 / 4 inch is a good starting point because it doesn't grow back! If you are cutting fringe from the full-length braid, first cut off most of the length you need to make it easy to manage, and then proceed carefully. 





Untangle the fringe and carefully check the alignment of your wig to ensure that it does not move during the cutting and collection.


Comb the fringe to make them smooth and free of tangles.


Pull the entire fringe smoothly from the forefinger and middle finger of the non dominant hand, away from the forehead. Remember that when you do not hold your hair, it will bounce back and appear shorter.


Carefully cut the edges of the fringe at a 45 degree angle with scissors. This will ensure that the fringe are well distributed and minimize errors that are easily recognized in blunt cuts.


Continue to cut with small scissors until the entire fringe area is cut off.






This part needs critical vision and courage to go back more!



Let the fringe return to their normal position. Leave the mirror and look at me. If they are still too long, repeat the cutting step step by step.


If the fringe look good, move them a little, put your fingers through them, shake your head in a charming way, and then take another look. If there are some homeless people, you can trim them now.


Endure a few days, if you need to go back and do more cutting, now you know how to do it confidently!


Fine tuning skills


Pictures or screenshots of the target fringe set nearby during clipping will help you keep on track.




If you want a side scan appearance, please cut the fringe at a gradual angle to make the length blend smoothly.


When choosing the forehead width of the fringe, a good rule of thumb is to separate the hair from the outer eyebrow to the outer eyebrow.


If the fringe are too large to be easily managed, please feel free to divide them into two parts from the middle. Be sure to carefully check whether each side is behind the fluff.


Blunt fringe can be achieved by following the above instructions and using a straight cutting motion instead of a cutting motion.


Changing your fringe will refresh your face and show your best features. It can also serve as a subtle aid in mixing natural hairlines. If reading the above instructions makes you sweat, just take your wig to a hairdresser who has experience in cutting wigs and ask you to get a new perfect appearance.

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