How do you match the hair color ring with the topper?

How do you match the hair color ring with the topper?

Make sure that your hair topper match the color, length, and texture of your biological hair, which is essential to get the most natural look. Here are our expert tips to match colors for your hair.


Tip 1 Select the color series closest to your biological hair color

  • 1 to 1B are black colors
  • 2 to 12 are browns
  • 14 to 613are blondes
  • 30to 33 are natural red colors
  • 130 to 530are vibrant reds
  • Grey and 60 are greys 

Color Ring

Tip 2, Match your biological hair root to the hair topper root

It is essential to match the root color to the topper root color. If your bio hair is a solid color, root and all colors, then color matching is very easy. However, when your hair root is different from the rest of your hair colors, it is very important to choose a hair root (or shade) color that matches your natural hair root. The root color is included in the color name and number. You can view the image, or if you have a color sample, please place each sample in the facial frame area of the biological hair, and check the root and the rest of the sample if your root color matches the top root color, you can even wear a topper with a different overall tone, because the topper covers your head. Match it with your hair.


Tip 3,  Use the color ring to match the color


When ordering online, Sometimes it is difficult to choose colors, and screen brightness or saturation can affect the way you view colors. Color rings provides small samples of hair color samples, allowing you to choose the colors that best suits your biological hair. If your biological hair is in the blonde range, you will put various blonde samples on your hair to determine which one is the best match. Be sure to use color ring fibers corresponding to the hair trim you plan to order; We have the human hair color ring in stock available. You can purchase a color ring to determine your best color match.

 #30 color

 Tip 4, Consider customizing your hair topper color.

Can you color the human hair topper? The answer is, yes! Since alternative hair cannot have every color selections, and some people have special hair colors, sometimes you may not be able to find the perfect hair topper color matching your biological hair. In this case, many people choose to allow color customized human hair topper. We, Brilliantwigs offers a range of human-hair colors allows professional stylists to bleach or darker to three colors and create a custom root, highlight, or low light. Be sure to consult with the professional stylist experienced in alternative human hair coloring as it is not the same like color to the biological hair.


Tip 5, Base size or design allows for a larger color variation.

The larger your topper base, the more biological hair you cover, the less you need to worry about perfectly matching colors. For example, if you choose a lace front top cap that covers the entire head and front hairline, you need not worry about whether the topper color root matches the natural hair root. The topper will be located on top of your bio hair and it is likely that only your bio hair will appear at a lower length. If this is the case, you just need to make sure that the lower hair length matches the lower top hair length. It also gives you the freedom to wear a slightly different color from your biological hair, which is fun!

Overall, your hair topper colors do not need to fully match. If you follow these expert tips, you will be more successful in matching your hair topper to your biological hair color to make it look imperceptible!


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